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  • Dolphin ReefDolphin Reef
  • Underwater ObservatoryUnderwater Observatory
  • Kings CityKings City
  • Ice MallIce Mall

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  • Underwater ObservatoryUnderwater Observatory
  • Dolphin ReefDolphin Reef
  • King's CityKing's City
  • Snorkel at Coral BeachSnorkel at Coral Beach
  • Ice Park&MallIce Park&Mall
  • Mall HayamMall Hayam
  • Southern BeachesSouthern Beaches
  • Northern BeachesNorthern Beaches
  • Hikes at Arava RegionHikes at Arava Region
  • Hikes at route 12Hikes at route 12
Eilat Underwater Observatory
Eilat Underwater Observatory
An enriching and fascinating observation upon marine animals in their natural habitat. Suited for families.

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Some info...

  • Eilat City Guide

    Eilat City Guide

    Eilat City Guide - aims to accurately map the latest and the city of Eilat. You can find two types of visitors: tourists from Israel and abroad, and crowd internet surfers, who seek knowledge of Eilat to the fullest.
    Because of the fact that Eilat is a tourist town leader, the site Eilat City externalizes especially in the content, related to collecting information relevant to tourism: hotels and accommodation, restaurants, nearby attractions and transportation, however, the sophisticated index system database that contains most other businesses (non-tourism business) in Eilat.

  • Eilat City

    Eilat City

    Eilat is a unique city in Israel: its remoteness, its location and boundaries of many countries (borders of Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia), the very hot desert climate, the wonderful Red Sea and finally closing around Eilat mountains, provide great advantages that enable it to be perfect freedom city. For many years, Eilat stands out as one of the leading tourist city in Israel. Eilat is also appealing Israeli tourists who make their holidays in the city and many tourists from abroad. Eilat has large Variety of luxurious hotels, excellent restaurants and pleasant variety of attractions and amusements for those how visits Eilat. Eilat city web site allows those who love the city, tourists and residents to get the latest information about business activities in Eilat at the click of a button.

  • Business in Eilat

    Business in Eilat

    Despite what people think, the city of Eilat is not a small town at all: The city has about 60,000 permanent residents, and during the holidays and vacations the population in the city reaches hundreds of thousands.
    Like any city that is supposed to support this amount of permanent residents and hundreds of thousands of vacationers, the town held a very large variety of small and large businesses: Hotels, restaurants, attractions, spas and sporting, travel agencies, shops, municipal and government offices, port and many more.